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Debbie Joinson

Working at Warrington Hospital has not only given me the opportunity to work at an incredible hospital but it has also allowed me to develop as a nurse within critical care. I’ve just been promoted to senior staff Nurse.

I came here as a newly qualified nurse two years ago after doing a lot of critical care in my training. I love the technicality of critical care and the thought processes that go into caring for each patient.

My responsibility involves caring for one to two patients at a time – no two are ever the same.

I like being put under pressure to make decisions in a fast-paced environment.

A patient can come in following cardiac surgery and we provide the immediate post-operative care before they go to the ward.

A big part of our role is also trying to support the patients’ family where possible.

Warrington is a great place to work for support and training – there is plenty of room for development.

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